Amazing Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogenated water is H2O2, ie it has an atom of oxygen more than the normal formula of water, this makes it contain properties that help not only in the medicinal area, but also in practical situations of home or beauty. Here are the many uses of it:

For Acne:- If you suffer from those pesky unexpected granites and do not know what to do to get rid of them fast, hydrogen peroxide is a good choice because of its disinfectant power, it can help accelerate healing of the shin. To apply, first wash your face with a neutral soap and a cotton wool or swab, it goes through only the affected area, it is not recommended to do it all over the face, as it can cause irritation and dryness on the skin.

To whiten clothes:- Adding a cup of this to the washing machine, can be an effective bleach even clothes, it is ideal to remove blood stains or sweat under the armpits, a trick is to pour directly into the area that you want to remove, leave for a few minutes and then wash as usual, you will notice the difference.

For the fungus on the feet:- Again, due to the antiseptic property of the water, it serves as a remedy to remove the fungus on the feet. Put the affected foot (or feet) in it for a few minutes, it will burn a little if the skin has any opening, after this clean and ready, you should repeat this twice a day until the fungus completely dies.

To bleach the armpits:- It is ideal for cleaning the armpits and whitening the undesirable stains that are causing the deodorants, in addition, it is good to eliminate the bad smell.

To relieve the throat and prevent colds:- A home remedy to relieve sore throat is to use it as a mouthwash, mix it with 50% warm water and gargle for a few seconds, avoiding not ingest the infusion, this will also serve to prevent the flu, as it kills bacteria in the throat which could cause it.
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