9 Symptoms That Indicate Your Body Is Dehydrating

9 Symptoms That Indicate Your Body Is Dehydrating

Water makes up most of our weight, 75% in muscles and brain and even 22% in bones. Also we lose water constantly due to sweat and perspiration. An average person can live up to 7 days without consuming any food, but would die in only 48 hours if not hydrated. But how do we know if we need to consume more water? Your body has several ways of letting you know, as we show you below.

9 Symptoms That Indicate Your Body Is Dehydrating

Premature aging:- Imagine your body as a plant, without enough water your appearance is also withered. The organs begin to age prematurely. The skin wrinkles and discolors and your state of health gets worse, giving you the appearance of being greater than you actually are.

Stiffness in joints:- Your joints work best when they are filled with a fluid called synovial fluid, which helps lubricate the contacts between tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Dehydration decreases the amount of synovial fluid present and also weakens the cartilage, which serves as a mattress in our joints, making it more difficult for them to move naturally.

Headaches and Fatigue:- Your brain needs water to function accurately and when you do not have enough, you can feel headache, dizziness and difficulty reasoning. With only a loss of 2% the ability to concentrate is affected.

Weight gain:- We've all heard about the role of fluid retention in weight gain, but not drinking enough liquid can also make you fat. When we feel tired we tend to eat more, when we may just need to drink more water. Also, drinking cold water in the morning speeds up your metabolism for the rest of the day, so you will process food more efficiently.

Asthma and Allergies:- The body loses water when you breathe, so our breath engages the mirrors. When we dehydrate, our body constricts the airways to save water. That process also produces histamine, which causes allergy symptoms and dry mouth and nose mucus, which can lead to irritation and infections.

Constipation:- Water is essential for the passage of waste through the intestine is fast, when you are dehydrated the stool will become dry and hard and can block the colon.

Skin Problems:- One of the most obvious problems of the skin caused by dehydration is dryness, which not only gives your skin a bad appearance, but can also cause cracking and infections, and in more severe cases, also eczema and psoriasis.

Acidity:- Without water, the acids found naturally in your stomach are concentrated, damaging the tissues that cover it, this can cause reflux and acidity, as well as ulcers and gastritis.

Bladder and Kidney Problems:- When you do not have enough water in your body, your urine goes from being a highly diluted liquid to a concentrated solution with high levels of irritating chemicals like uric acid, which can damage your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract. In addition the acidic environment is attractive for some bacteria, which can cause inflammation and painful infections.
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